A call to the creative to start a sci-fi movement

I am looking for anyone who enjoys writing Sci-Fi to participate in this online  group. 

Our Main Goals Are

  • To Develop a weird written fictions series that uses cryptic clues, symbols and ciphers to immerse the reader into a fantasy world that needs to be traced on and offline.
  • Create a steady stream of gripping sci-fi stories.
  • Spread the word of #projectRozen using social media as a group.
  • To Use creative means to promote #projectRozen such as cryptic flyers posted by people on fiver, weird youtube videos, and other means..
  • To Use #projectrozen as a spring board for independent projects.
  • To help authors and artists get recognized.

To Achieve This We Will

  • Have every member create a tumblr and a twitter account to promote and share stories on #projectRozen.
  • Build up #projectRozen through creative means, art, video, street theather or our version of a toynbee tile.

Unfortunately you will not be paid for your contributions. However you will retain all rights and are able to sell your contributions whenever you want.

We currently have no audience lets see how much we can grow this from the ground up.

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